June 20, 2006

From Recipe Development: Strawberry Frittata

This has a weird story behind it, so I may as well get it out of the way.

There's a subway performer that I talk to in the 14th Street traverse - that hot, awful, uphill, block-long tunnel from 6th to 7th Avenues. Richard plays the flugelhorn, which is basically a mellower-sounding trumpet, and he started talking to me one time when I stopped to listen to him (while that traverse might not be good for much, the echoes make a trumpet sound awesome).

Anyway, since then I've had a couple of interesting conversations with him. During one of them, I mentioned that I loved trying (and writing about) new and interesting foodstuffs, so he told me a story about how he and his bandmates were instantly and ravenously hungry this one time and they made a strawberry frittata with ricotta cheese in it.

That was a few months ago, right after I made the bacon and mustard greens frittata, actually, and the idea of developing a strawberry frittata has been kicking around in my mind since then.

After taking a trip out to see my dad in the Hamptons, I got some strawberries from the local farm stand that made me want to try the recipe out. I'm not going to give specifics until it's good enough to share with our general readership, but the first attempt came out reasonably well. I purposely made it quite bland so I could see what I had to work with, only adding eggs, whole-milk ricotta, and chopped and macerated strawberries.

I might take it in a South American/ Spanish direction by making some kind of fruit salsa.

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Joanie said...

First off, when I read "taking a trip to see my dad in the Hamptons," I can only imagine you wearing a seersucker suit, ascot, and drinking a gin martini. Please tell me you actually do that when you visit the Hamptons.

Second, I think fruit should be incorporated into more savory dishes. It only adds more awesome.

Third...Ricotta Frittata should totally be the name of a rock band. Or should at least be submitted to Meg for consideration.

skip said...

Well, I usually forgo the seersucker suit for a weathered linen ensemble. After the gin martinis, we take the astin martin for a drive along the dunes (not on the dunes, by the dunes) after which we spread out a picnic with some quaffable rose, some truffled foie gras, and lobster rolls. Did I mention the caviar? We bring buckets of caviar and eat through bamboo straws. It's wonderful, you should come some time.