July 7, 2006

CHOW news

I am so emotionally torn and confused at CHOW's recent news of its departure from print. I was an early reader and supporter (and they are another reason The Gourmetro exists).

Should I be upset with advertisers for not believing in them or the 20-somethings the mag was aimed at (I'm sure it could be our fault somehow)? It was such an awesome outlet for people who love to cook but don't have money, time, or highly-tuned skills.

It's more likely that I will be happy that Jane Goldman, editor, will continue spreading the good word on the forthcoming chow.com (this September) when CHOW will merge with Chowhound. It's good to get confirmation, because I knew something was up once I'd heard that Chowhound was bought by CNet and their logo changed to the CHOWish font.

I got to meet the CHOW gang last winter and they were awesome and I wish them the best.

< /gushing >


Joanie said...

You have officially depressed me on a Friday morning.

I picked up a copy of CHOW after you mentioned it to me and was equally in love with it. Subscribed only to get the "just kidding!" letter a week after. Guess I'll have to satisfy myself with this Intermezzo thing, even though it doesn't look nearly as fun.

skip said...

It really isn't (as fun). I was crushed.