November 6, 2006

My world is (somewhat) shattered

So there I was, catching up on my blogs with my trusty rss reader (something I haven't done in months) only to discover that (1) a new, improved version of The Joy of Cooking hits shelves today and (2) I have the most unloved version.

Apparently this new one is truer to the original than the "popular" 1975 edition and less "esoteric" than the 1997 rewrite. For a moment I thought about getting them all, but then decided against it. I might get the new one, but I'd rather get The Gourmet Cookbook or Cook's Illustrated's The New Best Recipe.

Well thank you New York Times for ruining my day. (And a preemptive thanks to Cook's and Southern Living for potentially saving it with the delicious dinner I have planned: penne alla vodka and apple/cranberry pie - not entirely congruous, but whatever, I think they'll rock)

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Terry B said...

Honestly, the Times didn't love the newer version that much either. It's "closer" to the earlier edition, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Apparently, this newest edition contains recipes with canned, condensed, cream-of-something-or-other soups, among other things. That's a kiss of death for this venerable cooking bible if I ever saw one.