June 17, 2007

We get mail!


I've been checking out your site (I like it, especially your review about doughnuts) and I had a little suggestion for you. I assume that you too are an NPR man, but I can imagine that catching Morning Edition is a bit of a stretch for you. Because of that, you may have missed the news that Twinkies have just gone back to using banana cream instead of vanilla. They used to be banana, but there was some shortage back in WWII and they switched over to vanilla. Now though, back. I think it'd be a good article for the gourmetro. In fact, if you needed, I'd help you eat the Twinkies. I need an excuse, I can't put that much saturated fat into my body for no good reason. Hope you're well, still hoping that we could go out for breakfast some time. Later.



Jake, Thanks for the note, it's been a while. I am a bit of an NPR man, myself, and as you guessed don't really listen to Morning Edition. Their podcasts rock my world (Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, and I'm getting into This American Life). I had heard about banana's triumphant return to the twinkie, but don't think I could make myself eat enough of them to write a post (I like to save my saturated fat for those aforementioned doughnuts. That said, I am intrigued by the filling switch since I'd previously heard they were discontinuing the tuber altogether (nb - link doesn't exactly say they're discontinuing the twinkie, but that Interstate Bakery's fallen on hard times). So if you want to have some and tell us about it, please do!




Meghan said...

1) I totally heard that Morning Edition!
2) You're not a REAL NPR man until you can't get out of bed unless your alarm clock goes off with the dulcet tones of Robert Siegel and you are depressed for all of fundraising week... like me.
3) Just because something is "tube-shaped" does not necessarily make it a "tuber."

Joanie said...

1 & 2) Some of us don't have radios and just have to be satisfied with the podcasts, mmkay? I can still be a real NPR (wo)MAN!
3) I am definitely in favor of referring to anything tube shaped as a tuber. Sausage? Totally a tuber. Log of goat cheese? Tuber. Tubular, even.