July 5, 2007

[when it rains, it rains pulled pork from heaven]

Aside from Danny Meyer's annual Backyard Barbecue, I've been underwhelmed by the NYC 'cue scene. People make a big deal about Dinosaur, but I really don't see it. RUB, righteous Urban Barbecue, is another animal altogether. So to speak.

After a botched Shake Shack trip (who closes early on a Saturday?), Greg decided to take the five of us to RUB. We made the three avenue trek still reeling with disappointment from being denied salty fatty shaky goodness (but mostly the custard).

We were seated quickly and ordered the Taste of the Baron ($45), an eight-meat sampler with two sides, and some Blue Moons. Out of the meats, the pulled pork was the stand-out winner: tender, supple, and none-too-greasy. Since my 'cue background comes from Virginia, I am used to pre-sauced meat. Early saucing makes sense; it tenderizes and infuses the meat with its tangy juices. RUB's sauces --original, spicy, vinegar, and ... garlic? -- come on the side, and compliment the meat so well we were glad to mix and match instead of committing to just one.

I went back with Marc a few weeks later for the three-meat platter (with two sides, $22.75). The pulled pork, spicy sausage, and beef brisket passed the test again, and the former still trounced the others. The sawdust-dry brisket was the only disappointment. Both times. I'm excited to try the burnt ends (the fatty part of the brisket), but I wouldn't try the regular brisket again. The baked beans and shoe string onion rings rock, and the cole slaw, forgettable.

The TotB filled all of us (see picture, above), and the deep fried Oreos were about as good as any dessert I've eaten at a bbq joint. RUB's good eatin'.

Thanks to Eric for the awesome shots.


Joanie said...

That deep-fried Oreo looks about 25% Oreo, 75% fried. I think dipping it into a thick vanilla milkshake might have really pushed it over the top (of deliciousness).

skip said...

You bet!

farah said...

there was a great article about the memphis bbq wars (rubs vs. wet) in the recent food + wine, and even though i was trapped on the longest train ride of my life, i enjoyed reading it. afterwards i really craved some good 'cue, and i have never really found any pulled pork that i actually like. i'm 99% certain that i just haven't found the right one yet ;)...