May 18, 2006


I've been remiss in posting. I apologize. However, since the quality of my recent fooding has not been so high (unless you count the holiness known as Popeye's Chicken), I offer you this in lieu of bloggerly succor:

Todd Kliman, formerly of the City Paper, is now the Dining Editor at the Washingtonian. Might I also recommend his excellent food writing and very fun "chog"? Yes, I might. SO GO READ IT if you eat in D.C.

Also, this shameless plug brought to you by the fact that his wife was my amazing voice teacher in high school, and a ridiculously cool/knowledgeable person who I had lunch with at Malaysia Khopitiam recently.

(Malaysia Khopitiam: Basement Malaysian restaurant near intersection of Connecticut Ave, Rhode Island Ave, and M Street/St. Matt's Cathedral which is where my high school choir teacher Mr. Culverhouse currently conducts the choir and Schola Cantorum. We see where this is all connected. I've only eaten there once, and had a ginormous portion of chicken something which was delicious and lasted me for THREE DAYS. And you've not seen me eat yet, but let me say this: it is prodigious. Apparently, their fish-ball soup is to be lusted after. And they have a picture menu for Malaysian food-noobs! Go. Hear the Schola. Eat some Malaysian. But I digress.)

Go. Read. ::waves hand imperiously::
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