May 1, 2006

Silver Moon Bakery

After lounging in the sun all day Saturday, we decided to go for a pasterylicious breakfast late Sunday morning. The cupcake craving I'd had the evening before hadn't abated, but I regular old breakfast pastries would do.

We'd tentatively decided on the Hungarian Pastry Shop, on Amsterdam near 112th street, but on the way we passed one of my flatmate's favorites: the Silver Moon Bakery. The line out the door attested to its popularity, so we gave it a shot. The selection of freshly baked breads was impressive and daunting; the pastries and cakes all looked spot-on.

One croissant, a chocolate/raspberry brioche, and an apricot brioche later, we were happy, full and only kind of sticky. The croissant was about what we expected; neither too terribly moist or dry, flaky, and just a little chewy (it was right then that I missed the Hungarian Pastry Shop's complimentary orange marmalade).

The chocolate/raspberry brioche was a treat. Though a bit dry, it was generously filled with its namesakes. It unrolled as we ate it like a cinnamon bun (except without the overpowering sweetness) and it was monstrously large, for which we were both grateful.

And finally, the apricot brioche. This one was practically perfect: moist with a mild, fruity filling. It was about 1/4 smaller than the chocolate/raspberry, but the subdued filling let the delicious bready brioche have part of the action.

Breakfast of champions. So completely worth it.

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