August 14, 2006

a little light reading

Gourmetro readers - all 3 of you - I have a favor to ask. My subscription to Food & Wine is about to lapse, and while I enjoy F&W, I don't absolutely adore it (see Chow, demise of). I've been looking into some mags, particularly Saveur, Intermezzo, and Fervor. Any recommendations? My budget really only has room for one foodie magazine (to complement my chick mag and nerd mag), so think carefully.

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skip said...

I have some comments, and a love for Gourmet (which I thought I'd get out of the way). One of my previous editors once elaborated on the way Saveur picks pictures: "Oooh, look! There's a guy with no teeth! Lets use that one, he looks authentic". Saveur is about the worldly food-intelligentsia (I'd say). Intermezzo looks cheap. I didn't read the issue that I bought of theirs a few months ago. And I've never heard of Fervor.

Cooks Illustrated is one of my favorites. It's Alton Brownish in its approach to food science and unrelenting in its search for the best anything. Only 6 issues per year though.

Joanie said...

Aha, thanks for the suggestions - you knew invoking Alton Brown would get me excited! I have heard good things about Cooks' Illustrated, so I may have to check that out too.

I had never heard of Fervor either, but the website and the description (on Amazon) looked intriguing. I'm hoping I can find it at Borders and see if it looks worthy of my subscription.