March 28, 2006

beef sticks

hello, ladies and gents. meat on a stick here.
let me tell you, there is nothing this girl likes more than portable meat. what's not to like? it's delicious, almost nutritious, and you can eat it while bargain-hunting at a street fair. my love affair with beef sticks (i prefer beef, but i wouldn't kick a chicken stick out of bed) began when i was a wee child and would order the poo-poo platter everytime my mom took me to a chinese restaurant. at first, i ordered the platter simply because the word poo-poo was in it, but i soon learned that a hidden gem lay betwix and between the egg rolls and wontons...the beef stick. i was hooked.
since then, i've eaten meat on a stick at every chinese restaurants, thai restaurants, street fairs, name it, i've tried it. i even ate a beef stick at a Conde Nast cocktail party--and ending up spitting it not-so-daintily into a napkin in front of ANNA WINTOUR, the editor-in-chief of Vogue. needless to say, that particular beef stick was not so good... and my career at Vogue was over before it even began.
i know this post has nothing to do with anything, but i thought i'd explain why any self-respecting woman would refer to herself as meat on a stick. welp, now you know.
anywhoo...more useful posts to come. cheerio.

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