March 31, 2006

Carrot juice tastes good. Who knew?

I am a sucker for anything the test kitchen puts out for general consumption. It can be cold, it can be old, it can be unfortunate-looking, it doesn't really matter; I'll eat it anyway if it came from the cooks because they know what they're doing. This morning when I went down, I found two cans of Ocean Spray cranberry juice and a quart of Odwalla Pure Pressed Carrot Juice.

Juice is not usually my thing. Plain store-bought orange juice is overwhelming, cranberry juice is pucker-city, tomato juice is just gross. All the same, I figured I'd give the neon orange carrot juice a try. Why not?

It smelled gross. Like a carrot.

I like carrots, don't get me wrong. The crunch, however, is the bit I like most. The slightly bitter flavor doesn't really do anything for me. So, with that in mind, you can see why I wasn't so excited about this juice.

The taste was delightfully surprising. Definitely carroty but mellow and sweet (not bitter at all). I was pleased. It's not the sort of thing I would get excited about ordering, but at least I've found out it's not awful. The consistency was about what store-bought orange juice is; perhaps a bit thicker, but not much. The ingredient list really got me. It started with pure carrot juice. Oh, and that was the only ingredient. Pure carrot juice.

Apparently, 8 ounces of pure pressed carrot juice has 700 percent of the daily vitamin A Americans need (along with a little iron and a little calcium). Yay for healthy things that taste good.

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