March 16, 2006

Bread Disappointment

So I hop on my way to Marvelous Market the other day, super excited about getting some Fruit & Nut bread. I had gotten it once before - in order to break a $20 to tip my hairdresser - and then devoured it for both breakfast, dinner, and all snacks in between. It was wheatier than I was used to for fruit & nut bread, and had toasted pecans and orange peel in addition to the usual raisins - which were deliciously gooey and made my bread experience quite glorious.

I go back there on Monday, giddy with bread excitement. But alas! No fruit & nut bread! Only raisin walnut, which I resign myself to. I get home and prepare myself for some toast, when I taste it - and it is gross. And tastes nothing like the sweetness I was expecting. I then taste another bit, and slowly it hits me - not raisins, olives. Now, I don't particularly like olives in the first place, and when one is expecting raisins and gets olives, they are especially repulsive. My only option at this point was to make bruschetta for our regular Tuesday wine night. The bruschetta was delightful, but still had that olive-y twang to it.

I still love Marvelous Market, and I'm guessing that olive-lovers will enjoy this sort of bread. I'll just have to be more careful next time about actually reading the labels.

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