March 30, 2006

Portable Indian redux

Just a quick update on the Kati Roll Company post from a few weeks ago. Wilma and I had lunch ther again today and the rockness continued. Wanting to try something new without too much of the what-if-i-don't-like-it pressure, we decided to get two chicken tikka rolls AND a new roll. The experiment, the unda aloo masala roll, was a moderate success. Mushy was the first word that came out of both of our mouths (after we'd finished chewing); it had mashed potatoes, red onions, egg and some other unidentified tastes and textures. I liked it better than she did but was glad to still have my chicken tikka roll (I suspect we're protein snobs). Though its texture was not entirely satisfactory, the taste was complex and not unfortunate in any particular way.


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