April 19, 2006

Checking in.

Just wanted to drop in for a second and say that I tried the recipe linked in my last post for Salty Oat cookies, here and they were pretty freakin' good. Could use more salt, and I recall the Teaism cookies being more dense, but still, very tasty. Give it a whirl.

Secondly, I was at Tuscarora Mill Restaurant in Leesburg yesterday for a work function, and it was really, really tasty. I mean, okay - catering items like cheese plates and hors d'oeuvres usually aren't that fantastic. But if the quality of Tuskie's (affectionate local name) bacon-wrapped scallops, beef satay, egg rolls, crostini, etc. are any indication of its entree quality, I'm so there. Not to mention it has a pretty awesome wine cellar, although I'm really uncertain exactly what red I had yesterday (the label said something like 2004 cabernet sauvignon shiraz merlot...what?).

And, if any of you are close to one, I love me some Trader Joe's. Organic soaps, good bread, organic shampoo, good cheese...and cashiers who randomly make Wookie noises at each other...I can dig that.

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