April 6, 2006

Sausages and zucchini fries

"Surprisingly delicious ... a tasty and filling meal," said the Gothamist (my favorite NYC news blog) of Mandler's Original Sausage Co. (or here for Menupages)

Meg and I agree.

We found Mandler's, off Union Square on 17th St., on the way to a swing dance last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Tall ceilings, extensive menu, and breakfast all day are sometimes enough to get me smitten. Oh, right, and $4.95 meals help too.

Meg got the signature Mandler's Bratwurst (traditional European bratwurst with mildly spiced pork and beef) and a mint lemonade and I indulged in a bockwurst (mildly seasoned pork and veal with herbs and spices) and a side of zucchini fries. Both of the wursts were topped with sauteed onions and mushrooms and we found them satisfying and filling; neither were too spicy but that was over-compensated-for at the well-stocked mustard bar. There were 9 to 12 different mustards (horseradish, roasted garlic, Vermont maple, etc.) to choose from and they were spicy enough.

The zucchini fries were absolutely wonderful. The little fried rounds went quite well with the different mustards and the roasted red pepper sauce I got to go with the bockwurst.

The atmosphere was upscale fast-foody with a decent amount of seating; the music was fast and euro-club-inspired. If I went back I might get the sausage fondue (though it's pricey at almost $11 per person).

I would write about what I had for dinner tonight, pumpkin ravioli with vodka sauce, but it's so out of season that it's embarrassing (those ravioli have been in my freezer since they were on sale at the Gourmet Garage back in October or November. Completely ashamed of myself but it tasted so good).

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