April 24, 2006

Tales from the fromagiere

After much research, I have determined that when one is a cheesemonger, the action she performs is monging. And this weekend, I monged...I monged real good.

Because my day job is, how you say, less than satisfying, I decided to find some weekend food work to add to the excitement. Through the magic of craigslist, I discovered the Cheesetique - a cute little independent business in Alexandria. It's run by a young-ish woman who graduated from college with a computer science degree, did that for awhile, then realized she hated it and really wanted to open her own cheese store. Jill Erber, you are officially living the dream.

Anyway, I got to taste a bunch of cheeses and revel in their awesomeness. I'm still working up to the point where I can recommend cheese to people based on their tastes. However, I can still appreciate the cheesey goodness, so here are some highlights:

*Honey Goat cheese (I brought some home with me): a firm but spreadable cheese similar to mascarpone. It has a hint of sweetness and is absolutely purrrrrfect for spreading on your morning toast.

*D'Affinois: A triple cream brie-like cheese (because remember children, we can't get real French brie in the states because of crazy trade regulations) that is just delicious. Very soft and buttery, and even has an edible rind. Also brought a chunk of this home for some grilled cheese & apple sandwiches, which my roommate very much appreciated.

*Cheddar with caramelized onions: I do love me some caramelized onions, and this confirmed said love. If ever there was something to make me like burgers (besides the Shake Shack, of course), it would be the thought of this cheese melted on top.

I also tasted some Tibetan Yak cheese, which tastes about how you think a yak product would taste - hard, green, and...uh, yakky. I guess they can't all be winners.

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