April 11, 2006

Yogurt on Sale!!!

I wonder if this is a shameless plug post. Regardless ...

The Gourmet Garage is right around the corner from me and I love their monthly sales. It is, for the uninitiated, an upscale, mostly expensive supermarket. It's the sort of place I go into to ogle, not necessarily buy, the food (unless it's part of the aforementioned monthly sale).

This month they've got Stonyfield Farm yogurt on sale for $.45 per 6-oz container. This price in itself is not phenomenal, but it will give you a break from the Breyers stranglehold on the occasional $.33 cent 8-oz containers that go on sale at the Associated from time to time.

For someone who eats as little as I do, the 2 ounce difference between the breyers and stonyfield made less of a difference than you'd think. I found that the allegedly all natural yogurt (no synthetic growth hormones, according to the packaging), had a pleasing taste and texture. Fruit-on-bottom yogurt and I have an on-again, off-again relationship, though it's mostly exploitation on their part because I can only seem to find FoB yogurt on sale.

The stonyfield texture is thick and creamy (and can get lumpy if you don't stir it enough. Stir it a lot) and the 6 ounces stuck with me for the long haul (10 am to 1:30 p.m.). The fruit is, for lack of better wording, real-tasting. Neither too sugary nor too soggy.

Though I am not a strict follower, stonyfield products would fit into the 100 mile diet that I read about somewhere (eating food that came from within 100 miles of where you are). Bottom line: It tastes good, it's inexpensive, it's [somewhat] locally made. Eat it and you will love it. The Gourmet Garage sale goes through the end of the April.

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