April 5, 2006

Please, we only eat here. Drinks are for the weak.

No one has drink-blogged yet, so let me be the first. I have the ever-exciting, CRAZY concoction of lemonade to present to you.

I had a craving for lemonade on Monday, as the weather was teasing us with warmth and humidity. After calling my roommate to check if we had a juicer ("uh, you do realize that we have frozen lemonade that I can just plop into a pitcher?"), I headed to Crate & Barrel to see what my not-too-expensive juicing options were.

I had originally planned just to pick up a reamer.

Pros: simple, cheap, and doesn't take up much space.
Cons: looks sort of awkward to maneuver.

I also thought about a Kitchenaid juicing attachment.

Pros: I've always wondered what that little knob thingy on my mixer is for. Might as well use it!
Cons: $35 is sort of ridiculous for a juicer. And a juicer attachment at that.

So, after checking through the massive wonder that is Crate & Barrel, I settled on the Juicester, which seemed to be both functional and cheap. YAY! It has a non-skid bottom, crucial when putting all your force into obliterating a lemon. The last thing you need is a kitchen floor full of lemon juice. Also has two reamers for all sizes of citrus, plus what it refers to as a "double-strainer." Hmm. But most important to me was the attached measuring cup - so key.

Trying to be a bit different than Mr. CountryTime, I opted for Ginger-Honey Lemonade. First conundrum was how many lemons produce 1 1/2 cups of juice?? Err... I opted for 8 medium-sized ones, and my spidey sense must have been right on, because I got EXACTLY the right measurement. O'Joan rules.

Otherwise, it was extremely simple to make. If you like your lemonade full of pucker, I would just put cubes into individual glasses before pouring. If not, add more water or ice cubes (to the pitcher) to taste.

In the best possible world, your lemonade-drinking experience will involve a rocking chair, porch, steamy weather, and Louis Armstrong singing "La Vie en Rose." But it's still good on a rainy cold day.

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